It’s a good day


With the right underwear, girl can do anything.


51 days til Christmas

When is it acceptable to start putting Christmas things up?? Asking for a friend…

Also I have a secret tumblr where I post more small doodles like this, you can check it out here if this post made you smile!!

Xx, Penny

Let’s power pose


As the time to go back to school comes around, so does the nerves, stress and other lovelies anxieties. I recently discovered Amy Cuddy’s power poses and I can say that I have successfully tricked my body into thinking I am confident! In her TED talk (here) she says “fake it until you become it”, I haven’t turned into wonder woman YET but I can tell you I am working on it…

I hope you have a wonderful semester,



May favorites !

may-favesIt’s time again for short shorts and flower crowns ! Hurray ! My color swatch swatch shifted from grey and black to springy pastel colors. Therefore, these are my may favorites.

“Smile” tote from baby gap

Instax mini 8 polaroid camera

Rouge coco lipstick in 414 Sari doré

Essie nail polish in Peach side babe

Moleskine classic notebook pocket in yellow

Love, Penny ❤

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My feelings about March in NYC…


Pretty self explanatory. March here is like fashion Russian roulette; the sun tells me to wear a dress but the wind and slushy snow makes me want to crawl into a ski suit. So New York, and I’m speaking for everyone who is sick of Frozen and is finely ready to “let it go”, would you PLEASE stop freezing ??

Love, P.