Humans of soho

As a Soho-er I am constantly surrounded by awesome fashionistas with rainbow hair. They unicorness inspire me.nyg

My feelings about March in NYC…


Pretty self explanatory. March here is like fashion Russian roulette; the sun tells me to wear a dress but the wind and slushy snow makes me want to crawl into a ski suit. So New York, and I’m speaking for everyone who is sick of Frozen and is finely ready to “let it go”, would you PLEASE stop freezing ??

Love, P.

Autumn is there


Autumn is there

Autumn is full of crap.

I realized way too late, that November in New York is about ten times colder than in Paris !! So this doodle may represent an awesome and wonderful weather when really I am wrapped like an onion in the biggest coat ever. Not as sexy. But what the hell ! Let’s pretend that fall is the time where trees are changing into a beautiful rainbow of colors, and pumpkin spice flavored wind is blowing in our hair when we really all look like little eskimos. And seriously, who would care about fall if it wasn’t for the pumpkin spice latté ?

So until next time, happy fall everybody !!